Instructions For Setting Up WebDAV

  1. Choose a new username and password that you will use for WebDAV uploads. This should NOT be the same as your FTP or Content Manager username and password.
  2. Write down your new username and password somewhere safe so they are not forgotten.
  3. Open webdav_passwords.php and replace YOUR_USER_NAME with your newly conceived username and YOUR_PASSWORD with your new password.
  4. Use an FTP program to upload the entire sg_webdav directory to the location on your server where you want SiteGrinder to upload the site to.
  5. Test
    Depending on where you uploaded, you should now be able to go to and see a message that says Ready for Uploading.
  6. Test Secure Connection ( https )
    Change the URL to use https:// instead of http://
    If you do not see the Ready for Uploading message then talk to your host about enabling https:// connections. You can use WebDAV with HTTP, but it is better to use the secure HTTPS.
  7. Configure your site for uploading.
    From the Connection Settings dialog of the SiteGrinder Content Manager choose the WebDAV tab and enter in the URL from step 6 and the username and password you elected in step 1.
  8. (Advanced) If the upload is not working then check to see if FTP has the same user configuration as PHP. If not then you will need to adjust the permissions of the parent directory. Using your FTP program, change the permission of the directory where you are uploading to be 777. This is not the permission of the sg_webdav directory but its parent.